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Vine Row Sponsorship Chardonnay

We thank you sponsoring a vine row at Chateau June-Jerome and supporting our small family business.


All sponsors will have a name of their choice, limited to 15 characters, engraved on a plaque, which will also feature the row number and grape variety.  A photo will be emailed to the sponsor of the plaque, as well as the row in its current condition.


On release of the 2016 Chardonnay, all sponsors will receive a free bottle of this wine, sent to any Australian residential address.


On completion of the vine row rehabilitation, sponsors will be offered an opportunity to pick the first grapes that will be used for wine production.  The date and time will be set by the Chateau June-Jerome’s Directors and will be in line with the optimal time for harvest.  As a sponsor, you will receive a free bottle of wine produced from the rehabilitated rows. 


Sponsors will be offered a 15% discount on all released wine.


Please be aware that the estimated rehabilitation timeframe is two years, followed by an additional 12-18 month production timeframe for the completion of the winemaking process.  Rehabilitation may be extended, due to potential environmental impacts effecting grape quality, or other unforeseen delays.

Vine Row Sponsorship Chardonnay

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