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Chateau June-Jerome is nestled within the Southern forests of Western Australia, in the geographical indicator of Manjimup, and its story spans almost 30 years.  Clinton and Melissa have dedicated the last 5 years in rehabilitating their precious vines, in order to bring them back to their former days of glory.

In 2017 we officially launched our label with the release of our Chardonnay.  In 2018 we released our Syrah and Rose.  All three wines have achieved silver medals, with our Rose winning 'Best Rose in Show' at our local wine show.  In 2019 we released our Pinot Noir and The Axeman.  The Axeman is our fortified wine whose name is a tribute to the pioneer Axeman of Manjimup.

We are passionate about allowing our vineyard to grow and flourish as nature intended. We farm our land with minimal impact and biological practices allowing nature to take its course having maximum influence over our vines.

We hope that you enjoy our story, our wine and, most importantly your own memories and stories built whilst enjoying the produce by Chateau June-Jerome.


Our label is our story.  The man stands before the sun, the earth and the sky.  With the grapes that he nurtures at his heart's centre, his trusty canine companion stands proud by his side.  Never too far away is the honey bee.  Her home is with the man and she busily works away, driven by the desire to see the land grow and flourish.

The man, the dog and the honey bee are side by side as they walk their vines, fingers gently brushing the fruits of their dreams.

We are Chateau June-Jerome

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