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We are so excited to advise that we have successfully launched three silver medal winning wines, our Chardonnay, Syrah and Rose

To continue on with this very exciting chapter, we are offering our friends of Chateau JJ an opportunity to sponsor a row of vines, and to become part of the vineyard’s history by having your name engraved on a plaque and attached to your chosen row.

We are currently in the process of rehabilitating 67 of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay vine rows.


In order to complete this rehabilitation and allow us to grow our family business, we need your help.  In return for your support, we will be giving each of our vine row sponsors a free bottle of Chardonnay from our very first release.  Your name/s or business will be engraved on a plaque, which will stand proud at the end of your very own sponsored row.  In addition, we will be providing you with regular updates on the rehabilitation progress and discounts on subsequent wine releases.

Most importantly, on completion of your row’s rehabilitation, we would love to provide you with an opportunity to pick the very first grapes from your row.  Once your grapes are transformed into wine, you will be given a bottle that was produced from your sponsored row.

You can support Chateau June-Jerome, the Robbo family and etch your place in Chateau June-Jerome’s history from just $250. Please Contact Us for further details or select from the below to order online.

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